Affordable and Looking Great

Owning a home has always been a dream for my family, but building a house was too much of an expense and we did not wish for a pre-owned house either. We contacted The Take Home Company after we saw an advert for custom-built houses on the web. Although the one we saw was a one-bedroom apartment, we ordered a lovely four-bedroom house which they custom-built to my own specifications. If you are in the market for a house, I suggest you try this company first!

Sam Piento, SEO at piento.au.eu

Six weeks after I ordered my Home, I moved in with my Family

How fast is their service, I am amazed for sure! I spoke to the people from The Take Home six weeks ago and two days ago, I moved in with my family of four. We got the three-bedroom house and had the land ready weeks before as initially I was going to get builders to build a house. Until someone said, I should think about the services of thetakehome.com. I am glad I did as they saved me thousands and my house is exactly as I wanted it. My family also adore their new home, which we are the proud owners off.

Reginal Shaw, marketing manager at Shawshank.com

Great Accommodation for our Visitors

We recently decide that instead of putting up our betboo guests at hotels and guesthouses in the area, to get permanent and affordable accommodation. We decided that it would be a great investment to have two or three permanent housing facilities as we get regular visits from sponsors and investors to the company. We used thetakehome.com’s housing and got three beautiful custom-made homes that suited our needs perfectly and which our clients love.

Aysun Karakuş, Office Manager at bahisci.com

I Got a Home that Fitted My Budget and Family Size

I loved the fact that I could choose a house that is according to my specifications and suitable to my needs and that of my wife and one child. We did not plan any more kids and a two-bedroom brand-new home is what I felt my wife deserved and which she got just over three weeks ago. It was a great surprise and we did not even to adjust our budget or spending as we paid for our new house exactly what we used to pay monthly rental! I recommend them anytime to anyone!

Sam Knox, lawyer at knoxandfix.com

Great Design and Superior Quality below Market Price

I did not know that I would ever be the proud owner of an affordable, brand-new beautiful home. Today I live in my house which I one day hope to bring a beautiful wife into and one day start a family. Few people can afford to buy a house these days, unless you use a below the market price company like The Take home. I was sure, there was going to be a catch somewhere, or that the quality materials would be inferior. I am glad to say that I was wrong on all counts. My house is remarkably beautiful and only the best quality materials were used in the design and built.

Paul Post, interior designers at postit.com