At OMD, we understand that not all of our homebuyers have had experience in purchasing or building their own home. It is our goal to maket he Take Home purchasing process as straightforward and simple as possible.

Client’s Take Homework is indicated by white

1. Preparation

a. Financing

– Download a copy of our Financing Guide and
– Budget Worksheet, which contains information
– to help you choose the right lender and lending
– solution.
– Contact a recommended financial specialist
– listed in the financing guide or a specialist of
– your own choosing and secure financing.

b. Land

– Download a copy of our Property Guide which
– contains contact information for recommended
– real estate agents and tips to find the right lot for
– your Take Home.
– Prior to purchasing your land OMD offers a
– preliminary service called a Feasibility Study.
– This study is typically undertaken further along in
– the Take Home process, but can be contracted
– separately as a safeguard to our clients. The
– Feasibility Study provides information about your
– potential site and its feasibility concerning costs
– and logistics as a Take Home location. Please
– see our Feasibility Guide for more information.

c. Pre-design Materials

– Please provide these materials at your design
– consultation or when contracting a preliminary
– Feasibility Study.
– Photographs of your site, including neighboring
– structures, and approach from the nearest main
– road. Please provide digitized versions of your
– photos.
– Site survey. Ask your surveyor to include your
– site’s dimensions, property lines, topography
– contours, any existing structures including trees
– and fences, nearest utility lines, and street
– locations. Please provide OMD with a large
– format print and .dwg digital file.
– Soils engineering report. One can be obtained
– from a licensed soils engineer. OMD can provide
– you with a contact in your area. This will be
– required to design the homes foundation and
– required to obtain a building permit. It often is
– included with the sale of a home.

2. Design

a. Take Home Consultation 1 day

– During your consultation we will discuss your
– desires for your home, review your homework
– and budget and decide which Take Home plan
– best fits your needs.
– Upon conclusion of this meeting you will receive
– a preliminary estimate and receive a contract to
– enter into the first formal phase of your Take
– Home project.

b. Design 2 – 6 weeks (if already designed and only
– specifying materials)

– OMD will produce a set of plans and preliminary
– pricing for your approval.

3. Permitting

a. Engineering and Permit Preparation 4 – 16
– weeks (depending on permitting processes that
– differ from state to state, county to county, or city
– to city)

– Final documents are produced for permit
– submittal.
– A final pricing document will be presented to you
– for approval.
– Once final pricing is approved your drawing set
– will be submitted to your local building
– department for approval.

4. Production

a. Production and Site Preparation 8 – 12 weeks

– You will enter into a production contract once
– permits are approved.
– Factory construction and site preparation will
– begin.

5. Installation

a. Installation and Finish 2 weeks

– Once your site and home are complete your
– Take Home modules will be transported to your
– site, where they will be set into place and
– finished.

6. Move-in!